Semi Pickled Polish Cucumbers

Sooo lot of people may know about pickled polish cucumbers. You can also find them in  markets (best tasting ones are definitely from Bubbies). But how many people heard about semi-pickled ones? They are very popular in Poland in summer, when pickled cucumber are mostly enjoyed in winter.

I enjoy mine with a little kick of spice but you can definitely skip the chilli pepper.


  • 33.8 oz water (1 L)
  •  1.41 ounces of salt not-iodiz! (40g)
  •  about 2.2 pounds of field cucumbers (1 kg)
  • dill,
  • garlic
  • red chili pepper
  •  mason jar


  • Mix water with salt and boil it together. Let it cool completely.
  • At the bottom of jar put a lot of dill, some garlic.
  • Cut cucumbers bottoms or cut cucumbers in quarters till the Middle NOT all the way through. Then put cucumbers to the jar(white sides to the bottom).
  • Add red chili pepper that was cut in half or smaller pieces and peeled cloves of garlic. At the top put dill again.
  • Pour water with salt to the jar (it should be taller than cucumbers).
    Cover the jar with plate or plastic wrap with a little holes (made from toothpick)
  • They are good to eat after 2-3 days.But best after 3-4 days 💗